About Us


ISU-TURKMER is established with the aim of teaching Turkish as a foreign language, developing and producing innovative Turkish learning materials and promoting Turkish language and culture to the world. Education at ISU-TURKMER is given in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference. Education system is designed considering the improvement of four basic language skills that are reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The students of ISU-TURKMER are lectured at A1-A2 elementary, B1-B2 intermediate and C1 advanced level. At the end of each course level, final level tests are held to analyse students’ language skills and those who can successfully pass the exam can proceed to the next level.

The teaching staff of ISU-TURKMER is composed of instructors who have pedagogical formation; who are well-trained, experienced, devoted and specialized in their fields.

Our Mission 

The mission of ISU TURKMER is to teach Turkish as a foreign or second language to our international students, to our foreign guests in Turkey and to anyone who wish to learn Turkish language efficiently and academically as well as promoting Turkey and Turkish culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop new teaching methods, to create a high-level educational environment, to collaborate with non-governmental organizations so as to disseminate Turkish language to large masses and to become a pionering, prestigious institution in terms of teaching Turkish as a foreign language.